Meet the ST Group Team

About Steve Tzaneros

Steve Tzaneros is an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in the rail, road, and air services sectors. Steve’s interest in the transportation industry began at a young age. He grew up in a family that operated and ran transportation businesses, which instilled in him a passion for the industry.

Steve’s career began in the rail sector, where he quickly established himself as a knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Over the years, he has worked across a range of rail operations, including freight and passenger services. He then expanded his expertise to include road and air services, where he has excelled in managing complex transportation operations.

With his deep understanding of the industry, Steve has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted leader. His ability to develop and implement effective strategies has helped businesses achieve success in highly competitive markets.

Steve remains committed to the family values that shaped his upbringing, and he brings this same level of care and dedication to his work. He continues to play an important role in the transportation industry, helping businesses to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in this dynamic field.

Operations Team

Our operations team comprises logistics professionals who work tirelessly to ensure our transportation and freight services run smoothly. They are responsible for coordinating with drivers, dispatching vehicles, tracking shipments, and communicating with clients to meet their needs.

Warehouse Team

Our warehouse team manages the storage, handling, and distribution of goods in our facilities. They are highly trained in logistics and warehousing processes, ensuring that goods are stored and handled correctly to prevent damage or loss. 

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